Butternut Squash: perfect soup for a cold, winter night, the homemade croutons are worth the little effort.

Carrot & Ginger: yummilicious

Cheesy Potato Bacon: good soup needs good seasoning, taste throughout and if it’s lacking near the end, most likely just needs a heavier hand with salt, pepper, etc.

Chicken Noodle: I’ve made a lot of soups, they are my favorite thing to make after all, but this was the best I’ve ever made. Big key, cook the noodles to desired firmness, and add mixture to noodles already in serving bowls, makes leftovers better for sure.

“Cream” of Cauliflower (Vegan): one of my very favorites, roasted cauliflower for garnish sets it over the top

“Cream” of Celery Root (Vegan): delightful, love ceriac

Cream” of Tomato (Vegan): vegan and heartwarming.

French Onion: pics, but little in terms of help making this iconic soup.

Mexican Tortilla Soup: the chicken is certainly not necessary in this, though I like it. This is one of those soups where the garnishes are very important, a quality pico de gallo matters a lot here.

Split Pea w/Kale (Vegan): much appreciated on any cold day, comfort food in soup form.

Squash, Shallot, & Pear (Vegan): really, really good soup with some pretty original flavor pairings.

Sweet Potato & Ginger Bisque (Vegan): I’m a sucker for ginger in just about anything, perfect complement to the sweet potato base

Thai Curry Chicken Soup: make it now, thank me later.

Tom Kha Thale aka Thai Coconut Shrimp: inspired by Lisa Fernandes from Top Chef, an exciting combination of flavors

Watermelon Gazpacho (Vegan): cool, refreshing, great flavor. Pretty much the quintessential summer dish.

Zucchini Vichyssoise: aka potato and leek, can be served cold or hot, delicious either way. Based on Ina Garten’s recipe from Barefoot In Paris.


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