Curried Cauliflower w/Sauteed Onions & Garlic Confit: so fresh, great texture, and made in minutes, what’s not to love.

Ginger Soy Green Beans: great Asian flavors, keep the green beans crunchy for the best texture profile.

Grilled Asparagus: salt, pepper, olive oil. Nothing more is needed.

Roasted Carrot Halves: a nice, healthy side dish, the inherent sweetness of the carrots pairs well with savory dishes, especially if they have a nice jous to dip.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes: one of my mom’s signature dishes. I would like to try searing the outside and then finishing in the oven to really set it off.

Sauteed Mushroom and Arugula: the first mushroom dish I’ve ever enjoyed, a pretty historic moment for me. The longer you take with this dish, the better the flavor.

Spanakopita: sure I’ll never be able to say it as well as my Greek girlfriend, or make it as good as her mom, but it is pretty damn close…

Vegetable Gratin: have good bread to snag every last scrap of this winning dish.

Vegetable Tian: the natural flavors set this dish off, the more color they get without burning develops a lot more flavor.


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