Meat & Seafood Entrees

Chicken Pot Pie: homemade flaky crusts, creamy gravy, and perfectly roasted chicken

Crispy Skin Rainbow Trout: crisp fish skin is a guilty pleasure of mine, made less guilty with roasted beets and a citrus salad.

Dijon Persillade Salmon or Filet Mignon: steak and potatoes will always have a place on menus in the Midwest.

Hamburger & Beans: no gourmet twist, just one of the first 3 things I learned to make. Man food at it’s best.

Honey Mustard Seared Pork Loin– recipe isn’t super clear here, but the basic idea if there. Need a meat thermometer and don’t overcook or it will be very dry. Extra honey mustard is a big plus to use as a sauce and add extra moisture.

Kabobs 3-Ways: pork, chicken, and steak, all different, not all equally delicious. Forget the chicken, eat the red meat.

Lamb Meatballs: first time I made them with the Brownes, perfect. When I made these the second time around for this dinner, a little overcooked and on the dry side. Praise to Mom for this one.

Lemon Fusili w/Broccoli, Toms, & Chicken: I would bathe in this easy-to-make lemon cream sauce.

Lemon Roasted Chicken: simple and delicious. I’m a little ashamed to admit we didn’t even need plates as we shared this feast.

Mac & Cheese w/Prosciutto & Oven-Dried Tomatoes: went a little overboard, and it was awesome. America.

Persillade Lamb Chops w/Rainbow Chard: Thomas Keller is a genius and I would eat this every night if I could.

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs: it’s not rocket science, braising meats is delicious, satisfying, and the way to serve an entree for a dinner party.

Roasted Chicken Breasts: Ina Garten style, salt, pepper, olive oil, bone in skin on for best flavor.

Sauteed Chicken w/Lime: not necessarily a star recipe, but shows good technique in sauteing chicken.

Sauteed Shrimp & White Beans: inspired by the Harbour House in Milwaukee, will always remember that night fondly.

Shell Pasta Bolognese: really, really enjoyed this one. Great sauce flavors without cooking all day.

Shepherd’s Pie w/Lamb: I need to make this again, if only to work on the presentation, I would change nothing about the taste. Nothing.

Soy-Ginger Braised Short Ribs w/Pan Roasted Sunchokes & Purple Potatoes: the definition of a show stopper.

Spanish Paprika Cajun Roasted Pork Loin: this glaze would be good on absolutely everything

Thai Curry Chicken Soup: this may be a “soup,” but super rich and undeniably awesome.


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